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LED lights are an incredible product. Enviromentally friendly, flexible, approximately 80% cheaper to run than halogen and very bright. Not only running cooler, but IC rated units provide further energy efficiency by allowing you to cover them with insulation. Whether it's installing colour changing LED downlights, or using LED strip to light up a feature painting, we have the lighting solutions for you.

Power outlets never seem to be where you need them. We can install however many you want, in the places you want. Internal, external, with USB chargers, 10A or 15A, we have the knowledge and expertise to give you the right product at the right price.

Switchboards are the key to protecting your home. Your whole installation is dependant on the protective devices installed. The standards have increased greatly over the years, give us a call to find out what devices you should have installed to protect your family and your home.

With TV technology progressing as it is, having 2,3 or more TV's in every household is becoming the norm. Make sure you have enough outlets installed and you're using the correct antenna for a clear picture in every room.

The NBN rollout has a lot of people wanting to network throughout the house without losing their network speed over Wi-Fi. Ethernet connections allows you to maximize not only the speed, but also the reliability. Talk to us today and say goodbye to fluctuating Wi-Fi speeds and drop-outs.

Security systems are smarter and easier to operate than ever before. Installing a PIR security system provides peace of mind while you're away, while intercom systems provide convenience and security while at home. Give us a call to secure your home with our latest  security systems today.

PIR Security system intercom
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Our knowledge and experience doesn't end here. Whether it's new homes, renovations, upgrades, or even just replacing a light, don't hesitate to contact us now!